Don’t Lower Your Standards! Get the Girl You Want and Deserve!

Have you ever seen or known a very average looking guy, or even an ugly dude, who is able to date the best-looking girls in town? The truth is that dating gorgeous ladies is not as hard as you might think it is. So, why should you settle for less?

Don’t settle for a girl just because you think she is the “best you can do”. You will be miserable and it is not fair to her. Here are some things I want you to think about…

#1. – Physical appearance is less important to women than it is to men.

According to a survey made by The New York Times when it comes to dating: “women look for a family oriented man, financial stability, and status – whereas men emphasize physical appearance, patience, and passion.”

We tend to believe that appearance is as important to females as it is to us, but the truth is it’s not. Women are hardwired to look for safety. Any man who is able to display the attributes of a great protector will have a lot of success with the ladies.

#2. – No girl is out of your league

Just because a girl is beautiful that doesn’t mean you can’t date her. With the right attitude and approach no woman is unreachable. It’s true that gorgeous women have more choice with men, but as long as you are able to display the attributes of a man of value you will belong to the same league.

#3. – Women are not on flirt mode all the time.

Females are regular human beings with regular lives. Sometimes they can be tense, worried, tired, etc. Just because she is not on flirt mode when you approached her the first time that doesn’t mean she is not interested or that she is unreachable. You have to learn to read their body language and develop a sense of how they are feeling and what is the best time to interact with her. Do that and your odds will go up.

#4. – Body language is your secret weapon.

You have to learn how to read women. And you have to learn how to send the right signals through your body language. Body language is a powerful tool and once you learn to use it effectively you won’t need to approach another girl in your life they will be coming up to you.

One final thought…

Any type of success begins in your mind. Change your mindset and not even Rihanna will be out of your league. Your self-talk is the first thing you need to improve.

Source: Luigi Carucci alphamaleworld.com


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