Diamond Appiah Fires At MzBel

The ‘fight’ between two Ghanaian female musicians Mzbel and Diamond Appiah continues as the “Taste My Apple” hitmaker has hit back at Mzbel for accusing her of shoplifting. She also accused Diamond of creating a page on Instagram under the disguise of another account holder to rain insults on her (Mzbel).

All these allegations were after Diamond mocked her for liking her photo on her Instagram page. Diamond in an instagram post alleged that Mzbel has been raped by armed robbers and that has affected her negatively.

She also revealed that the “16 Years” singer owes her.

@mzbelmusic I have ignored all your fake accounts n fabricated lies cos a Porn Star like you is not worth my time,But to drag my Late God father,a noble man’s name into your cheap attention seeking stunts has provoked me to the teeth,but I won’t descend to ur mentally derailed level to exchange words with a seriel chronic liar like u that even lies abt the paternity of her own son cos u know what I can do in just 24hrs so don’t push me..Hey is is my fault that u got sexually molested by school boys or is it my fault that 5 armed robbers raped u badly causing ur brain to go into defunctional mode due to these horrible experiences u went thru,everyone dat knows u know these incidents affected u n ur still living in that depression mode,so instead of seeking for psychological help from Accra mental hospital,yr desperately dragging a man who was highly respected before his death’s name down yr dirty gutters,Was he your friend? Did u know him personally? So whyyyyy??? Pls if ur irrelevant self needs attention then kindly call ur media friends like Ebenezer anangfio @ghanagist to take more nasty naked photos of you to publish bcos that is all u know how to do best and leave the name of someone u didn’t even know alone..and whiles your at it kindly send my money to Amanda jissih @amandajissih at hitz FM cos instead of an ungrateful being like u to chop my money for free I wld rather donate it to hard working radio presenters..fellow Ghanaians let’s all pray for this girl cos she’s been living with Depression for years and finally loosing it!

Source: Zionflex


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