Curses Be On All Who Enjoyed My Sex Video – Amanda

The wife of Blackstar midfielder, Afriyie Acquah has showered words of curse upon the public. Yesterday, a video which was leaked online when the wife of the footballer was satisfying herself with a sex toy (dildo) went viral all over the world.

The disgraced wife, isn’t happy about so she took to her social media page and made it clear to the public that, the video wasn’t intended to go out to the public, with sorrows filled in her heart, she wrote; ‘To the Angels out there who Have never sent a video to their Man b4, God bless u all’ ‘Wat wrong did i do if he asked me for a video and also sent his to me?’

‘So if i had been careless and Made his come??cold world (broken heart emoji)’ ‘To all those judging me!! Urs is on the way comin (Double hands emoji)’ ‘And to those involved in this! (Gun emoji) all of u Are goin down wit me

(Axe, gun, knife, grenade, gun emojis)’ ‘I swear wit my last blood and breath on this life of sin, May God strike u all down wit thunder where ever u are! u will kno no peace (Spiritual hand, crying emoji)’ ‘Frm those who stole the video! To the leakers to those mockin me (Double-hand emoji)

Earlier today on her snapchat account, she showered curses upon curses on the person who leaked the video. She also cursed the public for enjoying her video and making it go viral by sharing it with friends.

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