Checkout The Female Student Who Gives Secret Information To Arm Robbers in Ghana (More Photos)

We have been reliably informed that a female student called Ozioma Okechukwu has partnered with Arm Robbers in Accra to rob unsuspecting young men of their valuables.

According to the source reportghananews.com talked to, Ozioma is a Nigerian but then she is currently studying at a private University in Ghana. The lady operate by meeting young men on social media and then finds a way to extract information like, house address, car number etc. and then pass these information to the arm robbers.

As soon as the arm robbers get the information, they will proceed to rob their target. When the robbery is successful, they will then give Ozioma her share of the booty.

Sometimes, she will trick men by meeting them at a Shopping Mall and then claim you should buy her a chocolate worth 5 cedis. As soon as you agree to her proposition, she will take the opportunity to order things worth 200 Ghana cedis and then expect you to pay for it.  After that, she will block your number. You can’t reach her again. This is her way of robbing you in broad daylight.Take your time and checkout her pictures.

Apparently, her family in Nigeria doesn’t know their daughter Ozioma is now into robbery and 419 scam.

At the moment, the security agencies are secretly investigation her to get evidence.

Ozioma Okechukwu1

Ozioma Okechukwu2

Ozioma Okechukwu3

Ozioma Okechukwu4


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