Boy, 19, Jailed For Stabbing Girlfriend

A 19-year-old boy, Eric Kwesi Ansah, has been jailed eight months for knifing her 17-year-old girlfriend, Esther Yeboah.

The victim, now nursing a baby boy aged below two years, reportedly sustained serious injuries at her back and the head.

The boyfriend and the victim were said to have travelled from Obodan in the Eastern Region to Prestea in the Western Region, ostensibly to go into hiding after the lady had given birth to the baby boy.

The nursing mother was allegedly stabbed when she purportedly called her mother to inform her of her (Esther Yeboah’s) and the boyfriend’s whereabouts.

An eyewitness, one Kobina Sika, told this paper, “The 17-year-old lady borrowed my mobile phone and called her parents to inform them of where she and the boyfriend were.”

Eric Kwesi Ansah then became very angry with her girlfriend for doing that because he said he (Ansah) feared that the girl’s parents would come for her.

Kobina Sika, who hails from Himan-Prestea, indicated that the two young lovers came to him in search of jobs.

Though he did not have any jobs for them, he agreed to house them because the lady was from his hometown in the Eastern Region.

“That is how come Esther took my phone to call her mother to inform her of her whereabouts,” he averred.

He explained that the following day Kwesi Ansah tried to force the lady to go with him to another place but she refused.

“Later in the day I heard a loud noise from Esther’s room. I went there and saw Kwesi Ansah stabbing her. Upon seeing me, he ran away but was later arrested,” Mr Kobina Sika narrated.

The victim was rushed to a nearby hospital where she was treated and discharged.

According to the father of Esther Yeboah, it had been four months since she left home and that all efforts to locate her had failed until the day she was stabbed.

The case was sent to court on Tuesday and after the trial Kwesi Ansah was jailed eight months.

Source: Daily Guide


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