Big Brother The Chase: Elikem Saved, Selly Up For Eviction

Ghana’s Elikem can rest easy. Ruby Head of House Oneal pulled a stunning move and saved him from the Eviction gallows.

Fellow Ghanaian Selly on the other hand, is not so lucky. The spunky Chasemate has been put forward as a candidate for a walk on the plank.

Oneal has sworn before that he would never take revenge, after Elikem shuttled Feza off to the Diamond House during last week’s House swap. Looks like Oneal is a man of his word.

Elikem, completely unaware of the latest twist in his fate was locked in a discussion about “targets in this House” as Oneal walked out of the Diary Room. How shocked will the Ghanaian and his fellow Chasemates be when Oneal reveals his Save and Replace on Sunday evening? Wow! This effectively means Natasha, Selly and Pokello are up for possible Eviction in the Ruby House this week.

Over in the Diamond House, Head of House Melvin also pulled a stunning move of his own. The Nigerian chose to keep himself on the Eviction’s list, alongside Annabel and Cleo. He elected not to save himself, or anyone else for that matter and left the Nominations list as is.

Melvin could have been shaken up by Hakeem’s Eviction yesterday. Last week, Melvin chose to save Selly and put Hakeem on the chopping block in her place instead. Hakeem was then subsequently booted out of the competition, courtesy of Africa’s vote, leaving the Nigerian distraught.

This week’s Evictions look set to be the most dramatic yet, considering how strong the Nominated Housemates are. Whose Chase race is coming to an end!

Cleo, Natasha, Pokello, Selly, Melvin and Annabel are up for possible Eviction this week. Vote now to keep your favourite Housemate in the game.

Source: Big Brother Africa


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