Big Brother Africa The Chase – Angelo, Bimp and Dillish Up For Possible Eviction this Week

Stressed out does not even begin to describe how some of the Chasemates are feeling today. The tension in the air inside of the Big Brother House was so thick that you could cut through it with a butter knife.

Earlier in the day Head of House Elikem got the most votes from his fellow Housemates during Nominations. This evening he used his ‘Save and Replace’ power to shield himself and throw Angelo under the bus. This means that the South African is up for possible Eviction this week along with Bimp and Dillish.

Today’s Nominations were the most emotional of the season, all of the Housemates know just how crucial this week’s Nominations are; as they are the last of the season. As soon as Elikem came out of the Diary Room there was visible worry on the Chasemates’ faces as no one feels safe right now.

Straight after the Live Nominations wrapped up; a stressed out Dillish and Bimp headed into the bathroom to console each other. “I am being Chased,” exclaimed Dillish. The fates of Angelo, Bimp and Dillish in The Chase are now in the hands of Africa. Who will make it to the top five and whose Chase is coming to an end this Sunday?

Source: Big Brother Africa


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