Asem Claims He Lost Weight Due To Exercise (More Photos)

Ghanaian rapper, Asem wants everyone to believe his drastic weight loss was due to exercise.

Apparently, he has now started living a healthy lifestyle and so he has stop eating junk food. The rumor going around is that, the rapper’s drastic weight loss might be as a result of an ailment.

In a recent Facebook post, Asem hits back at his critics.

They say I grown too slim, Like i give a f… what you think I laugh soo hard my six packs crack lmao. For lack of knowledge oh my people , rather in shape than overweight , loosing weight is very difficult guys, alot of sacrifice and healthy eating, takes alot of discipline, I struggled to get to this point and the pay off is amazing, Always try to be on the loosing side, gaining weight is soo easy any fool can achieve that. To all those who live this healthy life I say kudos you’re on the right path , to rest of yall who still don’t get it, still don’t exercise and classify junk food as good living I can only feel sorry.




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