Are You Shy Or Nervous? 7 Tips for Successful Dating If You’re Shy and Nervous

If you’re shy and nervous, it might be difficult for you to successfully go through your first date. Most shy guys don’t be able to make a good impression toward their date, and as a result, they keep being single again and again. If you want to avoid this scenario, you have to build a courage to shatter your shyness and nervousness around women. Here are 7 simple dating tips for shy and nervous guys:

1. Reinforce positive image about yourself

If you keep telling yourself that you’re shy and you’re worthless or you’re incapable to handle the situation, then the reality will turn out to be that way. Remember that how you perceive yourself will project on how people perceive you. So, if you think you’re unworthy, your date will think the same. That’s why you need to reinforce your positive image. Begin talking to yourself that you’re worthy and deserve a good and fulfilling dating experience. This will become a strong foundation to build your confidence.

2. Remember that you’re dating an ordinary person

No matter how beautiful she is, she’s just an ordinary person just like you. So, don’t put yourself below her or above her. You are both equal, and in this sense, you don’t need to be afraid about her. Most people will strengthen their shyness and nervousness when they think that they’re dating a supermodel or a goddess. That’s because they’re putting themselves below their dating partner. You can’t do that if you want to have a successful date. You need to see her as your equal.

3. Wear good clothes

Do you know that you’ll feel more unworthy when you’re wearing lame clothes? That’s why you need to make your appearance outstanding. Your clothing will play an important role in your dating success. If you wear good clothes that make you good-looking, you will feel better about yourself. Also, your date will compliment you and she will feel comfortable to be around you. Then, the conversation and the whole dating process will flow smoothly.

4. Be humble

One positive quality of shy people is that usually they’re humble with themselves. They don’t brag, or think that they are better than others. You should cherish this quality in you. Not all shyness is bad, especially this one quality. Be humble to your date, and she will respect you more. However, it doesn’t mean that you need to be needy toward her. She doesn’t want that. When you’re humble, you’re not trying to please her or seduce her, but you’re trying to get along with her well. You know, if you do this, she will perceive you as different from other guys and you’ll become more challenging to her.

5. Don’t force yourself

At some point, you will feel that you’re clumsy. You’ll feel that you can’t completely eliminate nervousness in front of her. At this point, you just need to keep yourself calm and don’t force yourself. Listen to what she’s talking and follow along as much as you can. Sometimes, you can take the lead as well. Just do it, even though you feel clumsy at it. It’s not easy to completely turn a shy person to a confident person in a short time. But, the most important point is that you’ve tried it. You’ve changed yourself, one step at a time.

6. Keep friendly gestures

Most shy people tend to become rude to people, because they think that they don’t deserve the care from others. You need to keep this in mind, and avoid this tendency. You need to avoid being rude to your date. Keep friendly gestures. Smile a lot to her, and laugh with her. It will help you to create enjoyable conversation with her. A friendly gesture will help you to add more positive impression about you.

7. Practice before you go

In order to make you a better communicator, you need to practice often. Before going to your date, you should practice talking with as much people as possible. Start with your own family members, and then your friends, and then your extended family, and then the friends of your friends. Practice talking with them. Have a small conversation with them. It will help you to build up courage and increase your confidence. With practice, you can overcome your shyness toward women and you will have a good and successful date.

Those tips will help you to avoid failure in dating if you’re shy or nervous around girls. Apply the tips above to make yourself a better, and more confident person. You can’t achieve it overnight, but you’ll eventually achieve it if you keep on moving forward.

Source: Jack Neville girlfriendin7days.com


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