Another Lesbian Attacked By Angry Residents In Koforidua

A lady suspected to be a lesbian was brutally attacked and nearly lynched by some angry residents during an outdooring ceremony of a baby in Juabeng within koforidua

According to an eyewitness account, the lady, Habibah Sani, was identified by a guest to be a lesbian. Apparently, the guest had witness the suspected lesbian being attacked at a different town a few months ago when they caught her in the act with another lady.

As soon as she was identified as a lesbian, the crowd pounce on her with clubs, stones, machetes, or anything they can lay their hands on to kill her but luckily she was saved by a “good samaritan” who couldn’t stand the injustice being done. In an attempt to save the suspected lesbian, the “good Samaritan” basically created the opportunity for her to escapes through the near by bush.

Before the “good samaritan” got involve to save the situation, the crowd had already requested for gasoline fuel to enable them burn her alive even though she was lying in a pool of blood.

The leader within the crowd, Bubaka Isaah, told ReportGhanaNews.com in an interview: We don’t want such people within our community because they will eventually corrupts the minds of our wives and sisters. We will burn them alive whenever we see them within our community because it is against our Islamic region

The police have since commenced investigations into the matter. Ghana police needs to be proactive in arresting people who engage in instant justice to avoid this impunity going on in the Muslim communities.

If care is not taken, the young lady will lose her life the next time she is caught.


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