Alhaji Grunsah Arrested For Slapping A Flight Attendant Working With Antrak Air

Alhaji Grunsah has been arrested by the Airport Police in Accra for allegedly slapping a flight dispatcher working with the domestic airline when he was asked to put off his mobile phone.

Alhaji Grunsah said while entering, someone tapped his shoulder and ordered him to switch off his phone. He said he retorted and asked the fellow “why I should switch off my phone? I have not entered the flight.”

He said the flight dispatcher asked him (Grunsah) to stand aside for other passengers to board the flight until his phone was switched off, but he refused.

Alhaji Grunsah claimed the person he is alleged to have assaulted held his hand with the phone and prevented him from entering the plane.

Alhaji Grunsah admits there was a struggle between him and the flight dispatcher but denied slapping anybody.

“We started struggling…nothing happened,” he claimed.

Rather, he said, somebody came from behind and gave him (Grunsah) a “blow”.

The football administrator however admitted warning the dispatcher that, “I said if I get him I will slap him; he said I slapped him twice, he is a liar”.

Source: myjoyonline


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