Afia Schwarzenegger Attacks Delay – Makes Damning Allegations

Afia Schwarzenegger has put out an attacking statement on social media which seems to be directed to her rival, radio/television presenter, Delay.

In the statement on social media, Afia Schwarzenegger touched on how some presenters have allegedly turned into prostitutes, hopping from one table to the other at hotels seeking to make babies with white men, because they envy her “cute” male twins.

She added that white sperms are not as cheap as tomatoes paste or expired mackerel. At this point, it is quite obvious that Afia is addressing this statement to Delay, because the latter is the only radio and TV personality who is into production of tomatoes paste and mackerel.

Apparently, anyone who knows who Delay can simply tell that this coded and abusive statement from Afia is directed to her.

Afia Schwarzenegger and Delay used to be best of friends until they had a misunderstanding concerning the Afia Schwarzenegger TV show a few years ago. Since then, the two have been throwing jabs at each other on social media and in radio/TV interviews.

Below is the statement Afia Schwarzenegger posted on her Instagram timeline:

“And becos of these boys…Some presenters have turned into Ashawo…always hopping from table to table at African Regent Hotel looking for who to give them sperms…hun white sperms are not tomatoes paste or expired mackerel that u can find on any Borla…

“And oh least I forget White men are attracted to good black skin not the one you have that u can’t wear bare backs…I can book n pay surgery to support you..”

“I know your hustle And please I don’t ever want to hear that u took a picture by my X6 again….its not yours neither is it for Agyeman Badu, oh or you wanted to claim it for Hans Adu Sapei !!!The hotel security told me and I was waiting for u to post that picture…Ofui Chaiiii I thank God for turning me and my children into prayer points….”

Source: viasat1


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