Afia Schwarzenegger Actor Tornado Says He is Not GAY

His shaved eye brows, ear rings, painted nails, dreadlocks attached with extentions and multiple facial piercings are perhaps the reason why Tornado is regard as gay but the TV actor has vehemently refuted that perception. According to Tornado, real name Emil Gerald Wood anyone who has the impression he is a gay is very wrong

Tornado, 26, who has been featuring in TV series Afia Schwarzenegger for the past three years told Showbiz last Monday at his Tema Community 9 residence that Ghanaians should get close to him before passing comments about him. “I don’t know why anyone would think I am a gay. Why should people   judge me just by my looks?  I have never been a gay and will never be one.

“I used to get offended and even picked quarrels with a lot of people because they called me gay. I even reported some people to the police but I don’t do that anymore because I have come to realise I cannot please everyone. “I just love fashion. I have been like this for the past eight years. I love body piercing because it makes me feel good. I am afraid but I can’t help the people who have a problem with my looks. This is me” Tonardo explained.

Tornado who said he gets his body piercing done when he travels abroad particularly to Phillipines has about 18 visible piercings and wouldn’t disclose if he has more on other parts of his body. He however said he might pierce his body some more but that will depend on his mood.

“I may decide tomorrow to remove all of them or add more depending on my mood.  There was a time I removed all the ornaments and cut my hair very low. A lot of people liked my new look and even asked that I maintain it but I went back because those people don’t put food on my table,” he said. However, Tornado bemoaned the fact he is shunned most of the time by colleague actors. The father of a six-year-old girl, Francine said some actors don’t want to get close to him and even those who do are always in a hurry to get away from him.

“I have met a couple of actors at places like the Accra Mall and while talking to them, I realised they felt uncomfortable around me and were in a hurry to leave.  It was obvious they didn’t want to be seen in my company. This used to worry me at first but it doesn’t anymore,” he pointed out. Tornado was born in James Town. He attended Benkum Secondary School and is currently into interior decorating.

Source: Graphic Showbiz


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