20 High School Girls Sacked For Tattoos On Their “Oranges”

XYZ News has gathered that more than 20 girls of Fomena T.I. Ahmadiyya Senior High School in the Ashanti region were recently sent home by the school authorities, for sporting tattoos.

Some of the girls, according to Headmistress Zainab Adams, had their tattoos painted on their pubis while others etched them on their waist, buttocks, breasts, shoulders and other parts.

The female boarding students were sent home with the consent of their parents over the matter. It was agreed that they would only be re-admitted after they had removed the tattoos.Zainab Adams told XYZ News’ Ashanti regional correspondent, Isaac Bediako Justice, that the tattooed girls were discovered after one of them was caught sporting one on her shoulder while on campus.

Adanso North District Chief Executive, Majid Latif, who also confirmed the story to Bediako Justice, said some of the girls had tattooed the names of their boyfriends on their body.

Source: XYZ News


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