Woman Purchase An Expensive Billboard To Shame Husband By Writing How She Caught Him Cheating

This woman has the courage to purchase an expensive billboard advertisig space, just to shame and disgrace her husband for cheating on her with another woman. She intentionally made sure she got a billboard that was very close to her husband’s working place so that he will see it when he is on his way home.

The billboard reads: ‘Michael- GPS Tracker – $250, Nikon camera with zoom lens – $1600, Catching my LYING HUSBAND and buying this billboard with our investment account – Priceless. -Jennifer.’

The meaning of what she wrote on the billboard is that, she used a GPS tracker which cost $250 and also a Nikon camera with zoom lens which is cost her $1600 to catch her husband cheating. Was it really necessary to shame her husband in public like that?


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