Wish us well – Selly Relishes Love For Praye

Ghana’s female representative at last year’s Big Brother Africa, Selly, has asked people who would want to see her relationship with Praye Tiatia crash to watch out for a knot-tying date soon.

According to Selly who came under heavy criticisms last year for her “misconduct” in the Big Brother house, she relishes successful marriage relationship with the “love of her life”.

“I don’t know why when it comes to what the future holds for Big J and I, people think that there is no future. Maybe, they don’t have an idea how much we are in love and what we have been through together. We are serious This relationship is no child’s play. Please wish us well”, she told Showbiz  last Tuesday.

She said the brouhaha about their possible break up heightened on her return from Big Brother Africa but her boyfriend stood by her and she was not ready to let such “ man of that caliber” slip away.

“I don’t think that I am bigger than the Praye brand and I know that I have not achieved anything close to what they have done with their career so I wonder why anybody would think that Selly will leave Praye Tiatia because I have also become a moidest celebrity.

“Yes, I admit that Big Brother gave me the exposure that no other platform has given me but that doesn’t make me feel special than Praye Tiatia. He has been my inspiration and source of strength when the going got tough. Big J is more like my personal manager and I have no intention to leave him now or ever.

“Others even think that I rode on his popularity to get this far and is likely I will leave him because I am also in the limelight now but the truth is that, I also had my talent and used it to my advantage to get this far. What sets us moving is love and not who wants to be popular or whose brand is better” she said.

Selly told Showbiz that her hope of having a future with Praye Tiatia was fired up last Friday when they celebrated five years of being together as a couple remarking “ I didn’t even know we could get this far. We have seen it all and know where we are heading to”.

Selly who refused to comment on Praye Tiatia’s past marriage, said that she was ready to settle down and  had no other person in mind than Praye.

Currently the host of Premieres Multi TV’ Cine Afrik, Selly believes that she has achieved her childhood dream of being a TV presenter and said she is ready to take the movie industry by storm after being featured in African Child and Juliet’s Ibrahim’s No 1 Fan.

She said the year has started on a good note and was hopeful to get some endorsement deals as well.

“I will also do a lot of charity work. My African Child Vision 2020 Foundation did its first project last two weeks raising funds to provide basic education for some needy children. That is my way of giving back to society and I hope to do more this year” she stated.

Source: Graphic Showbiz



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