When A Doctor And Nurse At Legon Nearly Killed Me – Kunta Kinte

Kunta Kinte, the younger brother of Okyeame Kwame and a member of the musical duo, Bradez, has revealed the events leading to his five years battle with stroke. The youngster since 2010 has been on his sick bed thus leading to the dormancy of the musical duo.

In an interview with Pope Skinny on Adom Fm’s Kasahari Level, the former student of the University of Ghana narrated his ordeal.

‘I was sick whiles in school. We had just released our hit song, ‘Simple’. Brown, a friend of mine took me to the Legon Clinic inside the school. The people in the queue at the clinic allowed me to jump the queue because they realised that my condition was serious. But the nurse refused to let me in and instructed that I go back and re-join the queue’

Having no option, the student and artiste did as the nurse instructed. According to Kunta Kinte, he became extremely weak whiles waiting to see the doctor. His Stroke illness was manifested after the medical personnel (he couldn’t tell if she was a nurse or a doctor), without any proper diagnosis, prescribed the wrong drugs claiming it was common malaria.

‘When I got to see the doctor finally, she just looked at my face and said it was common malaria. So she gave me drugs without any laboratory test. I went to my room and took the drugs. I slept, when I woke up, I was so weak. I couldn’t do anything. Shortly, I was rushed to a hospital.’

The climax of his five years struggle with stoke was at Korle Bu Hospital where he went into coma for three days. Kunta Kinte stated that many had pronounced him dead at that point. He recalled after the three days that television network; TV3 had carried a news item on their channel that he was dead. Kunta, who is also the younger brother of Flowking Stone, the other member of ‘Bradez’, disclosed the dream he had whiles in Coma.

‘When I went into Coma, I had one dream. In the dream, I was at a cemetery. I remember that I was running. Some invisible faces were after me.’

When asked by the host if his illness was due to accusations that he had snatched the girlfriends of Kwaw Kesse and Captain Planet (4×4), Kunta labelled the accusations as false. He denied doing anything of that nature.
Kunta Kinte who has now fully recovered from stroke, had an advice for all nurses and doctors especially the young ones.

‘The only thing I say is that, the nurses and doctors should be very careful when diagnosing and prescribing drugs to patients. They should stop attributing most illnesses to Malaria’

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