‘We Had Sex & Child But I Chose New Wife’ -Soldier Explains Wedding Day Wahala

Patrick Owusu with the newly wed wife, Beatrice.

The British soldier whose wedding ceremony was nearly marred by his former lover last Saturday has finally broken his silence, justifying his actions.

The marriage between Patrick Owusu, who is a serving officer in the British Army, and Beatrice Kessie at the Exhibition Assemblies of God Church in Dansoman, Accra, last Saturday came to a temporary hold up after his ex-girlfriend, Emelia Antwi, stormed the venue clad in red apparel in protest.

Accompanied by her lawyers and several sympathisers, Emelia demanded that the officiating ministers stop the wedding. The reason she gave was that she was engaged to Patrick and that they were preparing to marry sometime this year.

Patrick Denies

Patrick Owusu told DAILY GUIDE he was not in a love relationship with Emelia and that he was not engaged to her as she claimed.

“I met the lady around February 2013 through a friend in London and we became friends. I came to Ghana then she came to visit me then we had sex. Later she told me that she was pregnant.

“I did not propose any relationship [sic]. It started as friendship then sex came in and then pregnancy. It was not like we were dating,” he said.

Owusu said Emelia’s claim that he had gone for a marriage list from her family was also not true, stating, “I have not gone for any list and I have no knowledge of it. She might know those who went for the list but I don’t know about any list.”

Touching on the allegation that he has denied paternity of the child, he said “I have not denied the paternity of the child. It is not true.”

Explaining what led to the paternity issue, Owusu said Emelia refused to name the child after him and that that made him to call for a DNA text to ascertain the real father of the child.

“She told me she wanted to name the child after the mother and I said no. But she insisted she would do that because her mother took care of her… Then I told her that if she claims that I am the father of the child then the child should bear my name but she said no.

“Then I told her that she knows the father of the child and she is just using me. So I also requested for a DNA to prove that I am the real father, because she can’t name my child after her mother. I even talked about the DNA out of anger,” he added.

Owusu said Emelia’s claim that she gave him GH¢8,000 to purchase some of the items needed for the marriage was false, stating, “I have not taken any money from her. Rather, when she was pregnant she asked me for money and I sent it to her and when she even gave birth I sent her GH¢1,000.”

He said several attempts were made to resolve the issue but all proved futile.

“My mother has been there, my father has been there to talk about the child issue but all yielded no results.

“When I came to Ghana, I went to their hometown in Enyinam with my uncle and some of my siblings but no one showed up to talk to us so we left.”

Forced Wife

According to Owusu, Emelia wanted to capitalise on the good relationship she has with his parents to force him into marrying her.

“She has a good relationship with my family so she wanted to use that one as an advantage so that they could arrange for me to marry her. But I told them that I couldn’t marry her because I had someone I wanted to marry.

“I made it clear to my parents. I called the lady to tell her that whatever my parents wanted to do, I had no hand in it so she should count me out of anything. I told my father that I couldn’t marry her but whatever price they wanted they should tell me so I would know what to do.”

Owusu further revealed that he has since asked one of his aunties to help resolve the issue, stressing, “I will take responsibility for the child even if she names the child after her mother. But I won’t deal with her directly again because I don’t trust her.”

Emelia Cries Foul

Emelia Antwi, in an interview with DAILY GUIDE, denied Patrick’s claims that he was not in a love relationship with her.

“If Patrick says he was not in a love relationship with me, it is not true. He proposed to me one midnight when he visited. He even told me at the time he proposed that he wanted to have twins with me in the near future,” Emelia stated.

Emelia Antwi

She also rubbished Patrick’s claim that she wanted to name their child after her mother, stating, “It is not true that I wanted to name the child after my mother. The baby bears the surname of the father, Owusu. It is only the first name that we had some misunderstanding, which has been settled.”

On the issue of the engagement list, Emelia said Patrick’s parents came for the list from her father in January this year, adding, “If Patrick says it is not true, he should ask his parents.”

Explaining why she went to the wedding ceremony, she said the pastor on Thursday told her that they would put the wedding on hold until she gave them the go-ahead.

“I did not call to give them the go-ahead but I heard on Saturday that the wedding was going to take place. I then called the pastor to ask him why the wedding was going to take place when I had not given them the go-ahead.  So I decided to attend the wedding so that Patrick would see me and his baby. Since I gave birth, he has not set his eyes on the baby,” Emelia said.

She also debunked reports that she caused trouble at the wedding, resulting in its temporary halt.

“It is never true that I went there with my lawyer and family members to disrupt the wedding; and no police officer came to drive me out of the place. I just went inside the church and observed the ceremony then left without causing any problem. I even had a chat with the father and some of his friends at the wedding,” Emelia said.

Text Message To Pastor

Before the wedding ceremony, Emelia’s father sent two text messages to Rev Quansah, one of the pastors at the Exhibition Assemblies of God Church, advising him and the church against blessing the marriage of Patrick and Beatrice.

The first text message reads: “Dear Rev, I am Dr Adu A. Antwi, a lawyer and father of Emelia Antwi. I humbly advise you against the wedding you are going to have today as my daughter has raised issues about the man involved who has a child with her and has even come for the list of items he needs to present to perform the rites to marry her. Please be advised accordingly. Thanks.”

The second text message also reads, “You are going to bless a marriage when both parents of the boy have refused to attend the wedding? You have refused the advice to hold on the wedding because a young lady is aggrieved? I am very surprised that a church will behave such irresponsibly [sic].”

Church Defends

Despite the text messages and Emelia’s allegations, the church went ahead to blessing the marriage.

According to the pastors of the church, Emelia did not have concrete evidence for them to have called off the wedding.

The Senior Pastor of Exhibition Assemblies of God Church, Rev George Annang, told DAILY GUIDE in an interview in his office that they invited Emelia and her family on the eve of the wedding to resolve the issue.

“The lady claimed the man has a child with her. Then I asked her, ‘Has he married you or performed some marital rites? And she said no. I then pointed out to them that Patrick and Beatrice had already performed the traditional marriage, which is the engagement.

“We are just blessing the marriage and with what you are saying, we are not convinced with enough bases to stop the wedding. So we went ahead with the wedding because she was not able to prove that Patrick was married to her,” he said.

The senior pastor said there was no way the church would have gone ahead with the wedding if there was enough evidence to prove that Patrick was married to Emelia.

Source: Daily Guide


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