Watch Video: Waterfall Flows In Reverse

Strong winds generated by a waning ex-Hurricane Gonzalo wreaked havoc in parts of the U.K. early this week, downing trees and causing power blackouts.

And in Derbyshire, England, the same winds caused a waterfall to flow upward amid the more powerful gusts, in what defied gravity and seemed to represent an illusion of some sort.

Rod Kirkpatrick captured footage of this peculiar event on the River Kinder on Tuesday, and uploaded his footage to YouTube on Wednesday (posted above).

Viewers can see water cascading over the edge of the 98-foot Kinder Downfall, and some of the same water blowing back up and over the edge, in an upriver direction.

At times the water is blown back over the fall before it even has a chance to cascade.

This is not an unprecedented event. The Kinder Downfall is situated in such a way that strong westerly winds will sometimes create this effect, although it’s rare for the blow-back to be this steady and obvious.

Watch the video below:

Source: grindtv


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