Watch Video: Spanish Customs Finds An African Man Hiding in Suitcase

This is the incredible moment Spanish border police opened a suitcase to find a African man stuffed inside.

Officers confiscated the suitcase on Sunday after spotting a man struggling to lug a large and oddly-shaped bag at the border between Spain’s north African enclave Melilla and the Moroccan town of Beni Ansar.

When the border guards gave chase, the suspect, a Moroccan national who resides in Spain, carried on trying to drag it away.

Once the officers caught up with the man, they arrested him and opened his load to reveal the contents of the suitcase.

Inside they found a contorted 19-year-old would-be migrant from Mali.

Both men have been remanded in police custody until further notice, Spain’s Interior Ministry reported on Sunday.

Tensions at the borders have been high since at least 14 migrants drowned in Moroccan waters on February 6 while trying to enter Ceuta, another Spanish enclave 360 miles west of Melilla.

Human rights groups and witnesses protested after it emerged Spanish security forces fired rubber bullets at the immigrants.

Watch the video below:

Source: Daily Mail


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