Watch Video: Shocking! Nigeria Movie Turning Into Pono Movie



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We have been complaining in Ghana about how some of our movie producers enjoy putting a lot of unnecessary sex scenes in movies, but unfortunately the trend has now been shifted to Nigeria. Nollywood has recently released their first soft pono movie which contains alot of nudity and sex scenes. The sex scenes in the movie cannot match up to what we see in some of our movies in Ghana. It is very disgusting.

The Nigeria movies industry is growing and already doing well world-wide so I wonder why they will try to introduce this kind of movies into the market. Why did the Nigerian Censor’s Board approved and allow this movie to the released?…

Watch the movie trailer below


  1. S K Ekundor says:

    We call it job for the unemployed, but this is far too xxxtm.

  2. brichini says:

    do we have to imitate everything of the whites who are already confused with social norms and human rights, and will soon marry their own mothers claiming it is human rights?

  3. claudette addo says:

    this is extremely bad

  4. sam says:

    How can I get a copy?

  5. daniel says:

    Useless article, if u don’t like the movie! Go hug an Electric tranfomer, period…

  6. Pensi emmycruft says:

    I thought de issue is all about making money. So move on nollywood.

  7. Alfred k Nyame says:

    funny/International news and etc

  8. myke says:

    how can i be come a member of this body my number is 09091091101 i will like to start acting on any of your movie

  9. gideon kojo boamah says:

    pls l want to be come a member in any part of ur movis…. If is a sexz part am around to do it…. Pls call me +2330260901950… Now!!!!!!

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