Watch Video: Shocking! Aspiring American Rapper Attempts To Sacrifice His Friend For Illuminati Ritual

After smoking some good weed, this young aspiring rapper in united states called El-Armin decided to kill his friend as a sacrifice for the Illuminati Ritual. He obviously thinks he will automatically become a member of the Illuminati group when he kills his friend. The report states that the El-Armin believed that a blood sacrifice was needed in order to jumpstart his career in the music industry.

He pointed a gun at his friend’s head and said “you are my sacrifice,” before pulling the trigger. Fortunately, the bullet didn’t go into his friend head. His friend was able to seized the gun and shot El- Armin in the stomach before escaping.

His music career is now over because he will be convicted and sent to jail for a long time. Big superstars like, 50 Cent, Jay-Z, Beyonce, Lady Gaga and Kanye West has been frequently linked to the Illuminati group.

The question is, does this Illuminati cult really exist? Watch the video below.


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