Watch Video: School Sex scandal! Nigerian lecturer caught



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Very embarrassing!!! College Lecturer caught in unwillful sexual assault of his student..He was only set free after he signed a check to pay the people who caught him. This only happens to men who refuse to stay with their wife. What do you think about this? Please post your comments below.

 This video has been removed due to the content.


  1. Baiden says:

    i think he should be jail for having that uncall for actitude,he has no intension of make good leadership.

  2. melvin says:

    went to the extreemwent to the extreewent to the extreem

    • melvin says:

      Why are we all acting as we have not sinned before, what has he done that no one has ever done..picture your father in his position..i think you guys went to far..I have to leave this as a has happened in the bible before and i dont see any difference with what you guys just did..about a man that made mockery of his father’s nakedness and you know what followed next..there are courses upon all that are in one way or the other involved in this.

      you harlot called judith or wotever they call you,..better know that you have only but a few years to live..For i am a prophet and heaven has honored my shameless children of lucifer.

      Laugh now for all your funerals are near all you hypocrites, judging while you have not been judged..including the one that posted this video..

  3. ugo says:

    the worst people on earth is benin people, expecial their women, the are proud of bad things, may God forgive them.

  4. kwame says:

    How do we know that this man is not being victimized by these gangsters using a female as a trap.

  5. JAN says:

    to my view, i think that the first and last responsably is before all the lady. it’s crucial to know respected her ouwn body. It’s only when the ladies will say: NO, they can live in peace. generaly men just wanna one thing and ladies must to know this.

  6. C.C.Belter says:

    …you’re right Jan,….MONEY,!!…if you get MONEY you can get the other things later on, you’ll have plenty of followers and helpers if you got MONEY.

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