Watch Video: Husband Caught Wife In The Act With Another Man At The Beach

This married man was captured on video beating his wife in public after he caught her doing dirty dancing with another man at the beach.

According to information gathered by Reportghananews.com, the married man came to the beach together with his wife, but he suddenly became sick after taking some alcoholic drinks. At this point, he told the wife he was going back home to relax. The wife refused to go back home with him and so she stayed at the beach.

As soon as the husband left the place, the lady was spotted chatting with another man which later turn into dirty dancing as she was rubbing her buttocks on the man’s penis.

As the husband was driving home, he felt better on the way and so decided to go back to the beach to meet his wife. When he got to the beach, he saw his wife doing dirty dancing with another man.

Watch the video below:

husband caught wife dancing with another man by ReportGhanaNews


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