Watch Video: Househelp Slaps, Kicks and Stomps On A Child’s Head Repeatedly

A gut-wrenching video that went viral on social media Saturday has left many dumb-founded and leaving several questioning how callous and evil some househelps or nannies can be to innocent children they are left to cater for in the absence of their parents.

The house keeper was caught on camera abusing the toddler in the East African country of Uganda after the parents had left for work.

It takes one of strong courage to see out the full length of the video; and what readily comes to mind after the last seconds have played out is how inhumane can a nanny be to the little pretty girl named Aneela.

A bit of digging by Peacefmonline indicates the name of the househelp/nanny is Jolly Tumuhiirwe. She is 22. The incident occurred on Saturday November 15th 2014.

She (nanny) is first captured on CCTV in the house forcing more food into Aneela’s mouth – almost choking the girl – and when the poor girl spits some of the meal out, she smacks her on the mouth with such ferocity that one can actually hear the sound echoing round the room. Then moments after that, the innocent child threw up.

Apparently the two-year girl was sick at the time and exhibited difficulty in coping with the rough and speedy rate at which Tumuhiirwe was feeding her.

The furious nanny snaps, flinging little Aneela face down from the settee onto the ground, as if the child was a piece of some unwanted thrash the cat dragged home.

She is seen picking up a rechargeable torchlight and subjecting the kid to some severe beatings on the butt. As if that was not cruel enough, the househelp kicks out at the toddler as if she is an object on a field of play and finally stomps on the kid’s back and head repeatedly.

Tumuhiirwe then picked the baby by one hand and vanished in the next room.


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Source: Peacefmonline

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