Watch Video: Finally! Chris Brown Talks About The Weed Smoking Incident And Blames Ghana Media

Chris Brown has finally spoken about the alleged Weed smoking incident in Ghana. First of all, he blames Ghana Media for making the smoking incident a big issue. This is what he said during an interview on Power 105.1 The Breakfast Club Show,

“There’s a thing I did on my whole tour called smoke by the brain…So there’s a part of the show that goes to a collage of all the songs that talk about weed…and everybody knows I have a medical cause for marijuana but for me I don’t smoke it on stage

Its a fake light like the way they have the pre-rolled tobacco.. so at every show I fake it…now that I gave the secret away…But in certain cities like Amsterdam and LA I definitely did. But as far as in places where I can get into trouble I avoid it. It was the press over there that made a big fuss about the whole thing, everything else was cool. It was just the press, so it made it seem like it was a situation but it wasn’t”.

Do you believe, he is telling the truth? Watch the video below

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