Watch Video: Father Stabs and Beats Son To Death With Stick

A father is reported to have committed a gruesome act by beating his own four year old son, to death at Ofankor Seven Days, a suburb in Accra.

The reason behind the cruelty is yet to known as the offender whose name is Kamal,a teacher, is currently at large. United Television (UTV) spoke to the man’s wife, Hawa Ismailia and brother in—law to delve deeper into the matter.

In the footage, the Hawa Ismailia recounts that she was staying with her sister when the incident occurred. “At midnight, I received a call from my husband that our son(Abdul Wilson) is suffering from malaria and it was getting worse”.

As a caring mother, she said, she rushed home only to be given a flimsy excuse by her husband that because the child(Abdul Wilson) is seriously ill, he has locked him in the room and was heading out to write an exam.

“…I called my husband(Kamal) to find out where he was. He told me that he would call me when he returned.”

“I asked him where our son (Abdul Wilson) was and he replied that because he is sick, he has locked him in the room and gone out to write his exam. Later on, I was joined by my family members and they informed me about my son’s death. I asked what led to his death and they told me it was malaria…together with my family, we planned to arrest my husband but he took to his heels when he realized our intentions”, she said.

Brother In-law Gives His Account

In a separate interview with the woman’s brother, he claims as the eldest son, he took the responsibility of ensuring that his niece gets buried early because of their Islamic beliefs.

“At the hospital, we informed the authorities that we would want to quickly have the body and perform the burial rites as our religion demands of us. The owner of the facility came in and opposed our decision to carry the body away.

She inquired from my in-law if the boy truly died of malaria. She was less convinced it was malaria and believed an accident caused it”.

“At that very moment, my in-law requested to have a private chat with her. But the madam asked him why all of a sudden, our open conversation had to turn to a private one”.

“She agreed to it but it appears in-law wanted to bribe the owner of the place.” I heard her asking him “can you bribe me?

Watch the video below for the full details and find out if the owner agreed to accept the bribe and how the story finally ended….

Source: peacefmonline

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