Watch Video: Catholic Priest Caught in S3x Scandal

A Catholic Priest called Rev. George Castro Yankey has been caught in his attempt to sleep with a married nurse of a medical facility in Koforidua.

According to information gathered by reportghananews.com, the Priest is the medical director at the Hospital. He uses his position to sleep with most of the young ladies who work at the Hospital. His luck finally runs out when he attempted to sleep with a married nurse to facilitate her promotion.

Apparently, the Priest demanded for sex before he signs her promotion letter. The nurse reported the matter to her husband and they both decided to trap the Priest.

The husband then planned with the nurse to pretend she has accepted the request of the Priest. The Priest then proceeded to the house of the nurse with the notion that the husband was out of town.

As soon as the Priest got to the house, he immediately undressed himself for action. By then the husband was hiding in one of the rooms and he quickly pounced on him with slaps and then recorded the Priest begging for clemency.

The below video was leaked by Starr FM.


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