Watch Video: Another Couple Stuck Together While In The Middle Of An Adultery Act

Drama unfolded in the early hours of the morning when these two lovers got stuck together while enjoying themselves in a room.

According to information gathered by Reportghananews.com, the husband of the woman at the centre of the controversy suspected his wife was cheating him and so went to sought the services of a “Juju Man” witch doctor to enable him uncover the truth.

The witch doctor advised him to place a laced cord at a strategic place in his home, such as on the way to the toilet, kitchen or bedroom where his wife will unknowingly jump over it which will permanently “Lock” his wife’s under.

As soon as the husband traveled, the wife invited her lover into the room for enjoyment which later turn into something else as they were both struggling to disentangle.  This incident took place in Kenya

Watch the video below:


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