Watch Video: 5 Young Men Raping A Lady At Abia State University in Nigeria



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This is a tragic video of five young Nigerians raping a lady somewhere in Abia state university! The lady, from her expression, seems to be in shock, and is just doing everything she can, to navigate through the nightmare! What could cause five supposed, human beings, who have obviously premeditated this rape, to do such a thing? There is no way anyone will convince me, that the victim deserves the treatment!

This lady’s life has been violently altered for life! The physical scars might heal, but the emotional, and psychological ones would be more difficult! What would be her relationship with men, going forward? Our investigation reveals two of the guys have been arrested. I hope this lady get justice soon.

The original video has been removed due to the content. This is just the audio version.




    These criminals must be arrested and judged punished put in the prison 25 years
    A normal person can not do such things why could not they look for prostitues to satisfy themselves?
    And God will punish them
    Anselme from DRC/Goma


    I have watched the video it chocks me they must be punished

  3. king says:

    Where is the video? Can send it to my map

  4. young says:

    Cnt find d link to d video!cn anyone help?

  5. king says:

    send me the video

  6. Solomon says:

    Pls. Send the video to

  7. barry says:

    The video is not hear please send it to my email

  8. nana3k says:

    kindly send de video to me on my email

  9. MMK says:

    Pls send me this video at:

  10. faustina ayivi says:

    and I will praise the lord

  11. richard akoto says:

    pls send the video to

  12. Atta says:

    please send the video to my email Thank you

  13. dominic says:

    pls send me the video

  14. tubonimi jaja says:

    send the video to my mail

  15. jonas oppong says:

    please no video send me on

  16. MMK says:

    Pls I need this video. sent to:

  17. REX ANTWI says:


  18. yaw thomas says:

    kindly send me the video:

  19. vjkamau says:

    no video,please send it to

  20. kiki says:

    There’s no video. This is just a fake story to attract people here.

  21. Tom Nasio says:

    pls send the video 2 thnk u

  22. tom smith says:

    there is no video here…pls send it through my mail

  23. Liv says:

    I can’t believe people are actually asking for the video here. What is wrong with you?? Disgusting.

  24. Armando Prince says:

    Can you send me the video? Why is these things happening?

  25. Maddox T says:

    If we can’t see the video how can we identify the culprits why delete the video from the web.
    The video of those innocent boys beaten and burned alive was even in YouTube nobody said nothing.
    So who ever had the video post it let us see the faces and identify them.

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