Watch Video: 49-Yr-Old Nigerian Senator Marries A 13-Year-Old Girl

49-Yr-Old Nigerian politician called Sani Ahmed Yerima got married recently to a 13-year-old girl and has already paid $100,000 as dowry for the girl.

His justification for marrying the underage girl is that, Prophet Mohammed married a girl Of 9 and so he is just following the teachings of the Prophet.

God gave everyone common sense, so even if Prophet Mohammed married an underage girl during his time, does it mean any man can marry a 9 years old girl in this 21 century? This man is an educated illitrate who and many other so called religionist are using religion to perpetrate their lustful pervertion as phidofilian. They are using religion to perpetrate illegal child rape and thus destroy young girls

Some religious teachings are killing African.

Watch the video below:


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