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Trotro Mate(Bus Conductor) And a Passenger Fighting Cos Of 20p Change


Check out these street fighting between a Trotro Mate(Bus Conductor). The fighting started when the Trotro Mate(Bus Conductor) said he didn’t have 20 pesewas change for …

Ghana Policeman Caught Sleeping At Post


Just checkout this Ghana Policeman sleeping at post. Hmmmm, looks like someone didn’t sleep in the night. Imagine if this policeman is suppose to protect your …

This Old Woman Says She is Ready To Defend Herself From Boko Haram


This oldwoman says she has had enough with Boko Haram, so she has now bought her own gun to defend herself. Just check out the old …

Check Out The Ghanaian Version of Lady Gaga and Rihanna


Just check out these little Ghanaian diva’s.. With these little girls, Ghana will now compete with the USA…Please post your comments below. Kokonsa:

People Fighting To Get Into A Bus In Nigeria


Niger for you oooooooo….Only the strong will survive Kokonsa:

Check Out The Spelling Of Chamber And Hall?


Only in Ghana.. It is obvious the guy who wrote this has dropout of school Kokonsa:

Ghana Policeman Disciplining Some Bad Boys


Ghanaian Policeman putting some discipline into these Bad Boys Kokonsa:

African Women Playing Football


What men can do, women can do better… Just check out this African women playing football.. Kokonsa:

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