Types of Men to Avoid Getting Into a Relationship With

Dating is hard, and the emotional turmoil associated with it can be substantial. While there is never any guarantee that you will be compatible with your significant other in the long term, save yourself time and heartache by avoiding the types of men that are almost guaranteed to leave you disappointed. People often get into relationships with the same types of people repeatedly while hoping for a different result. Knowing what types of people to avoid is just as useful to your dating future as knowing what traits you love in a potential mate.

Mr. Unreliable

Actions speak louder than words. Your boyfriend may say the sweetest thing at the right time, but none of it matters if he is not there for you when you need him. Examples include a man who always shows up late for dates, does not show up at all, ignores your phone calls or text messages or who sends you mixed emotional messages. An unreliable man may seem very affectionate one minute and indifferent the next. That is not likely to improve in the future so save yourself the hurt and leave him before he gets around to leaving you.

Mr. Controlling

Jealousy leads to unhealthy behaviour. While everyone feels moments of jealousy throughout a relationship, a controlling boyfriend uses that insecurity as an excuse to control you and the people in your life. He may ask you unusually specific questions about how you spent your day, snap at any other man who is friendly to you or try to cut off ties between you and your friends or family members. There is no satiating a controlling man because the source of his anxiety comes from within him and that is not going to change. Keep the people in your life that support you and lose the ones that use you to feel better about themselves.

Mr. Competitor

A good boyfriend should take pride in your achievements and not feel threatened by them. If your boyfriend needs to compare your incomes, belittles your job or other things important to you or otherwise feels the need to feel superior, cut your losses now before you start believing his rhetoric.

Mr. Self-Centred

Love is all about give and take. Some boyfriends are all about the “taking” and are not interested in giving much in return. If every conversation gets twisted around so your boyfriend can talk about himself, or if every sentence out of his mouth contains the words “I,” “me” or “my,” you might want to reconsider the relationship. It feels good to be there for other people, but the self-centred boyfriend will take all of that energy from you without ever reciprocating it. That is not a healthy relationship.

Source: Angela Selfridge Lovestruck.com

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