Two Men Lynched At Sakumono

Two men who were reported to have embarked on a robbing spree have been lynched at Klagon near Sakumono by some youth of the area. The suspects, who were not immediately identified, were stripped naked and assaulted with various implements.

The suspected robbers sustained wounds on most parts of their bodies and their assailants placed lorry tyres on them, ready to set them ablaze. The Sakumono Police Patrol Team, upon a tip off, arrived at the scene to find one of the suspects dead, and the other still breathing.

The suspects were said to have been subjected to severe beating until they became weak. They were alleged to have attempted attacking a resident, who raised the alarm which attracted some youth of the area. The youth wasted no time in delivering instant justice to the two.

The police, upon arrival, managed to rescue one of them, who was still breathing. They were rushed to the Police Hospital in Accra where the other was also confirmed dead upon arrival. The scene of the incident became an attraction for people of the area and its surrounding communities, who thronged the place to see the suspects after they had been beaten to pulp.

Superintendent Alex Wowolo, Sakumono District Police Commander, who confirmed the incident to DAILY GUIDE, said his outfit last Tuesday at about 6:30am received a distress call from an unknown person who said the lifeless bodies of suspected robbers were about to be set ablaze. Police quickly dispatched crime detectives and patrol team to the scene.

Superintendent Wowolo further noted that preliminary investigations revealed that the suspects attempted to attack a resident at Klagon, when they were arrested and lynched by the youth. He said the bodies of the dead suspects were conveyed to the hospital and deposited at the morgue for autopsy, as efforts were being made to apprehend the perpetrators of the unlawful act of lynching.

Superintendent Wowolo advised residents to desist from taking the law into their own hands.


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