Top Ten Rules For A Happy Relationship – Follow These To Happiness

We all want that fairy tale story when we enter a new relationship. In the beginning it’s all laughs and giggles. We wake up every morning anticipating another day to see he or she’s face, or hear their voice. No one gets into a relationship and thinks “A year from now it will change?” The fact of the matter is it does change; it’s up to you to save it. It’s not all rain drops and gum drops. Most relationships fail because people are so quick to give up on each other over the littlest things when they’re not as happy as much as they were in the beginning. Relationships aren’t easy and I’m not going to pretend that are! When it boils down to it we all want happiness.

There are a lot of things you can do to save your relationship and keep it on the fast track so let’s begin. I’m going to tell you 10 things to keep a happy relationship, some of these tips maybe obvious, but if you were using them to your advantage you wouldn’t be reading this article right? So here we go 10 rules to having a happy relationship:

1. Patience – Learn to always be positive in your relationship and practice patience. By patience I mean learn to comprise with your partner even when you feel that you have none left. Be patient

2. Communication – One major problem in relationships is communication. Communication is one of the key things to keep a relationship strong and going. Always express how you feel good or bad. Tell your partner and then discuss the issue and resolve it. You will be amazed at how much you can learn from each other by communicating.

3. Trust – Let me just say this without trust a relationship will fail. If you are in a relationship you must have this. Don’t assume anything, always communicate like I stated in step 2. Insecurity and jealousy is not safe in a relationship. Being a mother or a father to your partner won’t work. If you have any doubts ask, but don’t assume. Trust your partner, if your partner values your trust then you shouldn’t be worried about anything trust me.

4. Friends – Be friends with your partner. Learn about the stuff he or she likes and take a liking to it. So even if you’re not really interested act like it. Be their buddy first, a relationship is not a job, let loose and have fun together you’d be surprised.

5. Spontaneous – Do random, unexpected things together. Surprise your partner with a night out or with random gifts or text or calls. Being spontaneous shows that you want to add excitement to your relationship and that he or she is worth trying new things with and for.

6. Space – No one likes someone who is always in their space. Give your partner space; you don’t always have to be together every day. Give yourself enough space to miss each other. Go out with friends from time to time. You don’t always have to be with your partner 24/7 it gets boring and that’s how arguments occur. Learn to miss each other.

7. Don’t Criticize – Never past judgment on your partner. You are their biggest supporter; learn to be there for them even if you disagree. Agree to disagree for them.

8. Public Display of Affection – Showing that you love your partner in public means a lot to them. Grabbing his or her hand, putting your arm around them or even kissing them shows them that you really love them and don’t care who sees and knows

9. Sex – You thought I wasn’t going to mention this? Yes, sex plays a major part in a relationship. So don’t be boring! Learn what your partner likes and doesn’t like and do it. Role play, dirty talk, even watching porn together it’s erotic. To me the more spontaneous it is the better. Sex and relationships go hand in hand.

10. Privacy- Learn to keep your relationship problems to yourself. Never let outsiders no your business and put things in your head. People always have an opinion good or bad. Only you know what you and your partner have so no outsider can tell you otherwise. Don’t put your problems on social networks many relationships fail due to social networks. Keep your private life off the internet.

Relationships aren’t perfect but love is a beautiful thing so share it.

Source: Walter Dean smarterdating.net

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