‘TGIF’ is back as ‘The KSM Show’

It is exactly seven weeks when Showbiz reported that popular Satirist and TV host, KSM was dropping his long time Thank God is Friday (TGIF) programme which had been airing for more than a decade on Metero TV.

As at that time, no one at Sapphire, producers of the programme or Metro TV could confirm or deny it. However, information available to Showbiz now indicates that TGIF with KSM is set to return on air.

The show has however been revamped and rebranded and now dubbed The KSM Show. The new programme is expected to start showing on Friday, October 11 on Metro TV at 8pm.The first episode of the KSM Show will feature “Burger-highlife” legend, George Darko and hiplife sensation Trigmatic.

A source from Sapphire told Showbiz last Friday that The KSM Show draws its inspiration from TGIF in terms of its excitement and will still feature some of the popular segments like Signs and Wonders, The Three Wise Men, Zigidibogidi and Ah Why.

As part of the rebranding, a new segment which involves live band performances by artistes had been introduced to appeal to different audiences.

According to the representative, the change of name was needed to enable the show to be aired on any day aside Friday.

“More importantly, Sapphire Ghana Ltd is about to syndicate the show on international networks and a more flexible name was required” it stated.

For almost 10 years, KSM’s TGIF has been a favourite of many viewers and has won a number of prizes and viewers commendation and many are expectant that, the new show would live up to such a billing.

Source: Graphic Showbiz


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