Suspected Gay Man Nearly Lynched By Angry Madina Youth

On June 3rd, 2015, Suspected Gay Man believed to be in his early 20’s was nearly lynched by a vigilante group in madina for engaging in homosexual acts.

The suspects who’s name was given as Kabiru Umar was allegedly caught red handed engaging in homosexual acts with his friend in a parked vehicle.

According to an Eyewitness, they were subjected to sever beatings by the vigilante group in the area and were almost burnt to death but for the intervention of a good samantan who arrived in time to help them escape.

At the moment, Kabiru Umar is a wanted man in his own community. Nobody seems to have any idea about his whereabouts. The man leading the manhunt, went to clinics and hospitals in an attempt to look for the Gay suspects.

This notorious vigilante group called “Safety” has been terrorizing Gays and lesbians in the zongo communities in Ghana.

According to our source at the Madina Police, the family of the suspects has reported the incident. Hopefully, the Police will arrest whose involved in attacking the two homosexuals.

This barbaric jungle justice must stop.

Below is the video of a homosexual who is being assaulted by the same vigilante group.


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