Suspected Gay Man Killed At Kumasi

A suspected Homosexual believed to be in his early 20’s was killed in the early hours of Sunday, January 26, 2014 in the Ashanti Region, precisely Kumasi Aboabo metropolis.

The deceased who’s name was given as Abdul Rahaman was allegedly caught engaging in homosexual acts with a certain gentleman called Ibrahim Halilu who is currently on the run and is nowhere to be found at the moment. He is currently a wanted man is his own community.

According to a reliable source who broke the news to us, The youth of Kumasi-Aboabo caught the two engaging in homosexual acts in the washroom during a birthday party.

When they were caught, the mob chained them to a mango tree and subjected them to severe beatings until Abdul Rahaman lost his life. The same fate awaits his partner Ibrahim Halilu or any other person found to be gay in the community.

Most of the communities in the country are homophobic. Even though the practice of attacking homosexuals is against the law, people normally take the law into their own hands.

According to our source at the Kumasi Central Police, they have started investigation into the matter to arrest whose involved in beating the two homosexuals.

Even though alot of people have been prosecuted for attacking homosexuals, the practice still continues because of religious beliefs within our communities.


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