Snake Kills Goat Thief

A man, believed to be in his early 30s, met his untimely death when snakes bit him in his attempt to escape, after stealing five pregnant sheep and three pregnant goats.

The man, whose name is yet to be known, met his untimely death while escaping with two other accomplices, after stealing the domestic animals at about 6:00am on Thursday at Akoti near Winneba in the Central Region, when he accidentally slipped into a manhole infested with snakes.

One other suspect has also been arrested by the police, while one accomplice is on the run. An eyewitness, Kofi Adjei of Ayindado FM, Awutu Breku, near Winneba who narrated the story to DAILY GUIDE, said the deceased with the two other accomplices, after stealing the animals, put them in a Nissan Almera taxi with registration number CR 635 -13.

The suspected thieves had almost succeeded in their operation and were driving away with the stolen livestock in the cab towards Awutu Breku when their vehicle had an accident causing the car to somersault.

The cab hit a fence wall of a Union Oil in the area. The eyewitness said though the suspects came out of the vehicle alive, they sensed danger and were in a hurry to leave the scene before the police could get there and possibly start questioning them over the stolen animals they were transporting.

One of them, in his escape attempt, scaled over the fence of the filling station but did not know there was an open pit on the other side of the fence which was filled with water and infested with snakes. He unfortunately fell into the manhole and got bitten by the snakes to death.

The eyewitness said when he was removed from the pit, he was dead with foam coming out of his mouth ostensibly from the snake bites.



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