Rick Ross Sued After He Bought A Watch and Refused To Pay

Rick Ross bought a very expensive watch from the store and didn’t want to pay for it and so the owner decided to sued him. Last year the timepiece of choice for the hip hop set was Audemars Piguet (because rappers like Jay Z favor the brand). This year, the timepiece of choice seems to be the legendary Rolex. So much so that jewelers can’t keep the pricey watches in stock.

Rapper Rick Ross has always had a taste for finer things since the days when he punched a clock as a corrections officer in Florida. But a jeweler is suing Ross for absconding with about $90,000 worth of Rolexes that he didn’t pay for. Read on.

This problem could be solved if jewellers started treating celebrities like they treat us common folk and stop giving celebrities jewels on credit.


Source: sandrarose.com


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