Relationship Problems – How to Deal With A Girlfriend Who Always Argues With You

Having a girlfriend who always seems to want to argue with you is not a fun experience, is it? It may leave you with a feeling of wondering why she is like that and what it is that you can do to stop her from being that way. Sometimes, the issue is somewhat in your control and sometimes, it is not. There are plenty of approaches that you can take if you are dealing with a girlfriend who always argues with you, depending on the situation that you are in, of course.

Here are 3 ways that I can think of for dealing with an argumentative girlfriend:

1. Find out if there is an underlying cause for that behavior.

I know a good friend who was dealing with a girlfriend who started to pick fights all of the time with him, and this came out of the blue because she was not like that when they first got with one another. Turns out the reason why she was feeling that way had little to do with him. What she was going through was a terrible situation at her job and she would come home all worked up about that and that would lead to her arguing with him. For him, the solution was to help her move into another job and now, things seem to be going great with them again.

2. Ignore her and find your own space when she is in that kind of a mood.

If she happens to have moments where she seems to be moodier than other times, you might want to find your own space when she acts like that. What this does is it removes you from getting into the argument any deeper and it also can kind of show her that you are not going to give that kind of behavior any attention. Think of it like girlfriend behavior modification, if you will.

3. Realize that this might be a sign it is time to end the relationship.

Sometimes, the only thing that you can do is to end the relationship. Another friend of mine ended up with a woman who was very argumentative and there was nothing that he could do to change that. The only solace that he could find was when he ended the relationship. There are some women out there who just are not cut out to do the relationship thing and if you happen to be with a woman like that, the best thing may be to just end it right now before you end up dealing with anymore grief.

Source: A. J. Smith myexgirlfriendis.tumblr.com

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