Odartey Caught Elikem Flirting With Wife – Elikem Denies Being With The Wife

Highly placed sources close to former Black Stars Player, Nii Odartey Lamptey, have insisted in interviews with XYZ News that the football star, on three different occasions, caught Ghana’s 2013 representative to the Big Brother Africa competition, Elikem Kumordzi, flirting with his (Odartey’s) wife in their matrimonial home

The Sources said Odartey Lamptey endured bouts of similar instances of infidelity during his 20 years of marriage to his wife Gloria.

Odartey Lamptey, recently discovered, through paternity tests, that none of the three daughters he apparently fathered with his wife, is his biological child.

The oldest of the three girls is Khadija, 19 years; the second, Moyesha is 18 and the last girl, Latifa, is seven years old.

Elikem’s name was first mentioned by Okay FM’s Abeiku Santana Thursday November 28.

He however tweeted on Friday denying the allegations and calling his accusers “fools”.

“So fools. Do the math. Even if I was with sam1 for 5 years how am I the father of a 10yr old. Kwasia. means I was 15. Den am gangster. Lmao.”

“Father of someones children?? That ABEIKU SANTANA is doing his job. It’s how he feeds his family,” he added.

Elikem also suggested that Odartey Lamptey was trumping up allegations against his wife just so he could divorce her.

“Ok. It’s comn to me nw. thats d guy who said things against his wife just 2 divorce her. Then went on to marry anoda rite away? Leme google him”, he tweeted.

Apart from Elikem, a colleague Black Stars player of Odartey Lamptey’s, has also been mentioned as one of the fathers of the three girls.

Source: XYZ News


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