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Watch Video: Stephanie Karikari Call UCC’s Abena Korkor ‘Stupid’ For Exposing Her Body

Stephanie Karikari14

Former Miss Ghana, Stephanie Karikari has reacted to UCC’s Abena Korkor nude video by calling her stupid. She said Korkor was probably just trying to become …

Watch Video: Ghanaian Murdered As South Africa’s xenophobic Attacks On Foreigners Continues


According to reports, a Ghanaian Emmanuel Kwesi Quaison has been killed by some area boys in South Africa. His killing brings to six, the number of …

Watch Video: Rihanna Caught Snorting Cocaine


American R&B superstar, Rihanna was captured on video snorting cocaine as she enjoys herself with the friends at an unknown location. The artist is known weed …

Watch Video: Young Girl Caught Stealing Brazilian Hair At The Shopping Mall


This young lady and her friend went to the Shopping Mall with the intention to steal brazilian hair but then she didn’t realize the fact that …

Watch Video: US Police Officer Shot Unarmed Man 8 Times As He Ran Away (WARNING: Graphic video)


A white South Carolina police officer was captured on video shooting an innocent black man who appeared to be fleeing from him. The black man was …

Watch Video: Ghanaian Woman Using Frying Pan to Iron Clothes Because of “Dumsor”


This Ghanaian woman personifies the concept of thinking outside the box as she was captured on video ironing her clothes with a Frying Pan. “Dumsor-logy” has …

Watch Video: Last Moments Before The Crash Of Germanwings Plane


A cell phone video which was discovered from the wreckage reveals the inside of plane moment before it crashed. You can hear the people screaming for …

Watch Video: Nigerian Girl Talks About Her Addiction To Pono


This young Nigerian girl gave detailed explanation about how she became addicted to pono when she was about 15 years old. Apparently, she became a slave …

Watch Video: Just For Laughs – Lil Win Reads News On KKD’s Rape Issue


Comedian, Lil Win tried hard to read news concerning KKD’s rape issue in English on live TV. The comedian couldn’t even complete a sentence and he …

Watch Video: Muslim Miracle Healing Crusade At Mamobi Park?


I never knew Muslims were also in the Miracle healing business. An Islamic cleric was captured on video healing people at the mamobi park. Apparently, he …

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