My Girlfriend’s Guy Friends Are Hurting Our Relationship

As guys, we all know about the friend zone and if we are dating a woman who has a lot of guy friends, we know that some of them probably want to be more than just her friend. We know that there are at least a few that tried to be her boyfriend and somehow ended up in the friend zone. While that shouldn’t bother you too much, when you can tell that your girlfriend’s guy friends are kind of hurting your relationship, that can be a hard situation to deal with. You don’t want to look like you are jealous and insecure, but at the same time – you want things to be different.

Here are a couple of tips that might help if you are dealing with a situation where your girlfriend’s guy friends are getting in the way and hurting your relationship with her:

1. Try to not allow them to get what they want.

You can tell when a guy is trying to “block” you because he would rather be the boyfriend and have you out of the picture. Keep in mind that if you react the wrong way, that very well might happen and he’ll just be getting what he wants while you get kicked to the curb. So, control yourself and don’t allow them to get what they want, which is to get you out of the picture.

2. Sit down and talk to your girlfriend lightly about the subject to see where her head is at.

Some women really don’t realize it when their guy friend is trying to sabotage their relationship because he is stuck in the friend zone and thinks that breaking her up with you is going to allow him to step into the spotlight. You want to talk about this subject lightly, though, because if she has no idea that her guy friend is like that, she might suspect that you are just the jealous type. Then again, you might be surprised and find out that she does realize what is going on and from there, you can talk about how to handle the situation together. That’s key because if you can handle the situation TOGETHER, it can help to make your relationship with your girlfriend stronger and not weaker.

Whatever you do, you don’t want to let the situation continue on if it is really bothering you and hurting your relationship. You also don’t want to react the wrong way and end up losing your girlfriend, so you DO have to be careful that you don’t end up saying the wrong thing and ending up as the ex boyfriend.

Any time that you have a situation like this, you want to try to talk things out with her and make your girlfriend see your side of the story.

Source: Andrew Grimsley

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