My Boyfriend Is Playing Games With Me – How Do I Make It STOP?

If you are dating a guy who seems to get a thrill out of playing games with you, then you definitely are going tofeel like you just want it to stop. He might be acting as though he isn’t that serious about you anymore one momentand then acting like he is the next. Whatever kind of games he happens to be playing, you definitely don’t need todeal with that if you want to have a healthy and satisfying relationship. So, what can you do to make the games come to a stop?

Here is some advice on what you can do if you want your boyfriend to stop playing games with you:

1. You have to first check yourself and determine if you are really hoping to stick this one out.

Sometimes you have to see things for what they really are and not for what you want them to be. So, you might bethinking that you just want your boyfriend to stop playing games with you, but the reality might be that this is justthe way that he is and if you want to be in a relationship where that isn’t happening, you might need to come to theconclusion that he really is not the right guy for you to be with.

2. Don’t give him any attention when he is playing games with you.

As long as he is getting something positive out of playing games, he is probably going to keep doing it. If you want that to stop, then you can’t give him any attention when he acts that way. As long as he can keep getting a benefit out of what it is that he is doing, chances are good that he is going to keep on doing what he has been doing.

3. Communicate the way that you really feel with him.

Have you taken the time to really discuss the way that you feel? It might be hard to do that, and you may feel like avoiding the issue, but all that is going to do is to guarantee that it will continue to be an issue. Anytime that you are having problems with your boyfriend, you have to be able to communicate with him effectively if you want things to change.

No one wants to have to deal with a guy who is playing games if they are hoping to have a serious relationship that is healthy and fun to be in. You may just find that the guy you are with right now is NOT the one for you and if that is the case, then you might want to look into what you can do to find the RIGHT one.

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Source: Alexandra Scott geturgirl.com

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