Muslim Youth From Madina Hunt For Gay Suspect

A suspected gay Muslim escaped death by the whisker when he was confronted in public by some area boys in madina about the fact that he was a homosexual.

A good samantan came to his rescue as he quickly whisk him away in a car.

According to community leaders, the young man, Ibrahim Farouk Moro, had been introducing teenagers in the community to homosexuality.

The man leading the manhunt, Abdullai Jibril, told ReportGhanaNews.com in an interview: “When we catch him, we will cut of his head then pour acid on his body and then burn the body to serve as a deterrent to others”

The alleged homosexual, Ibrahim Farouk Moro has gone into hiding and nobody seems to have any idea about his whereabouts. What is certain is that he is no longer welcome in madina.


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