Married Woman Caught In Bed With Her Boss At A Hotel



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This woman’s husband was said to have begged the man on the bed to employ his wife so they could have money to feed until he could sort out his financial problems. The man accepted after several pleas.

But unfortunately, because her husband no longer has money the woman started disrespecting him and keeping late nights. Acting on a tip off, the husband and his friends caught her live in the act with her boss at a hotel.┬áThe worst is that she didn’t even look for a handsome man to sleep with but one who’s “uglier” than her husband.
Since she already has a job, is it right for her to sleep with a man for money? Please express your opinion by posting your comments below.



  1. oge says:

    This is not her first time of doing such, charity begins at home

  2. Asare Alice says:

    Sorry 4 de husband.

  3. Light adjigbli says:

    If she disrespected her husband after he pleaded for her to be employed, we can consider her action as misfit and most unfortunate. On de other hand her act could be necesitated by constant harasment and threats from her boss. Bieng a woman for dat matter, she might have considered de financial dificulties of de family as a catalyst to dat effect. Although her action was wrong, de husband should consider de other side of de coin before taking any action.

  4. Danso Christopher says:

    Oh dis lady is a disgrace 2 women hw can u do dis 2 ur husband cheatin on him. May God 4give u n sin no more AMEN.

  5. Eric jacob bako says:

    It is the fold of the husband,becouse he is the one sending his to go and fine money 4 them,so the woman is trying to please her boss for the job giving to them.

  6. Eric jacob bako says:

    The fold is from the husband.becouse he did not act like aman

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