Man Violently Beaten By Vigilante Group on Suspicion of Being Gay

A young man, Rabah Hakim Hassan nearly lost his life after he was violently beaten to pulp on suspicion of being a Gay man in a predominantly Muslim neighborhood called Accra New Town.

Apparently, Vigilante Group assigned one of their group members to get closer to the suspected Gay guy and pretend as though he was also interested in becoming Gay. This was their way of getting enough evidence to confirm their suspicion before embarking on attacking their target. After communicating for the while, they both schedule to meet at the particular location.

According to an eyewitness account, the suspected Gay man, Rabah Hakim Hassan, arrived at the location in a taxi to meet his friend. As soon as he got out of the car, these ‘vigilante’ gang pounce on him with clubs, stones and machetes with the intention of killing him instantly but then luckily for him, the taxi driver raised an alarm which made people came out to see what was going on.

Someone within the crowd immediately called the Police Patrol team to come and rescue him. As soon as the ‘vigilante’ gang heard the police siren, they escape into the nearby bush leaving the suspected Gay man lying in a pool of blood.

Leader of the ‘vigilante’ gang Amadu Sule, told ReportGhanaNews.com in an interview: “ He is a wanted man in our community because We know he is GAY. If he doesn’t change his behavior, we will look for him and kill him because our Islamic religion is against gayism

The police have since commenced investigations into the matter and given assurance that the perpetrator will be apprehended.


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