Man Pour Sperm At Woman He Thought Was Beautiful

A 22 years old young man called Frank Short basically collect his sperm into a bottle then goes out to look for beautiful ladies. As soon as he comes across any beautiful lady, he will pour his sperm on the lady’s buttocks and then shout out loud and say, You are beautiful!

According to information gathered by Reportghananews.com, the young man will sometimes pour his sperms on a lady then close his eye to imagine himself in bed with the lady.

Frank Short was recently arrested after he try this on another lady who felt something wet on her buttocks and legs after he walked past her while she was texting on her phone. The lady actually thought someone spat her, but later realised the fluid was a glob of semen on her leg.

The lady immediately called police and the man was arrested. He is currently facing charges of offensive touching with bodily fluid, harassment, disorderly conduct and lewdness.




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