Lovers Arrested For Taking ‘Disrespectful’ Naked Photo of Student

Two lovers, Ishak Ahmed, 35, and Cindy Brown, a 33-year-old trader, have been arrested for their alleged complicity in the kidnapping of a 28-year-old lady, who was purportedly compelled to undergo a long session of sexual bouts in a hideout at New Fadama, Accra.

That was not the end of the agony of the lady as her captors were said to have applied pepper into her private part and eyes after the sexual act with Ishak Ahmed.

She was told that pictures of the forced sex would be circulated if her parents did not pay a ransom of GH¢1,000 to them.

In her statement, she said, “Suspects kidnapped me while I was returning from church and sent me into a room where a naked man awaited me.”

She told the police that “armed with a knife and acid, they forced me to undress after which the naked man had sex with me several times and at different positions. They then took pictures of our sexual affair on a camera before smearing a mixture of ground ginger and pepper into my vagina and face….”

The suspects are currently in the custody of the Odorkor District Police assisting in investigations.

Narrating the story to DAILY GUIDE, DSP Emmanuel Osei Agboda, Odorkor District Crime Officer, said the incident occurred on May 14, 2014, around 9:30 pm.

He said the police received information from parents of the victim that some unscrupulous persons had sent a nude picture of their daughter having sex with a man to them and were demanding a ransom of GH¢1,000, failure of which they would post the picture on Facebook.

Police investigations led to the arrest of Cindy Brown and her boyfriend, Ishak Ahmed, a barber, who were alleged to be the perpetrators of the act, at their hideout at Fadama.

Preliminary investigations revealed that Cindy earlier confronted the victim and accused her of having an affair with her boyfriend, Ishak.

According to the victim, Ishak, who has his barbering salon at the forecourt of her house, was only her friend.

After the confrontation, the victim said she ended her friendship with Ishak.

On May 7, 2014, the victim said she received a telephone call from Ishak asking her to meet him at a hotel at Hong Kong for a discussion.

While there, Cindy allegedly emerged and was having in her hands a knife and acid, which she sent into one of the rooms and asked the victim to undress while she took nude pictures of her, according to the police.

“Cindy again ordered Ishak to have sex with me while she took photographs of our nudity and left.”

Victim said she went home but could not tell the parents because she was afraid.

Not satisfied, Cindy, in the company of two other men, on May 14, 2014, around 9:00 pm, kidnapped the victim, who was then returning from church service at Kwashieman to Fadama, where Ishak lives.

Again, the three asked her to undress, while Ishak, who was then naked and awaiting her arrival, had raw sex with her at several positions.

Cindy and her men, who had then seized victim’s mobile phone, allegedly used it to video the various sexual acts, but this time, refused to capture the face of Ishak.

After the act, the suspects subjected victim to severe beating before smearing a ground ginger and pepper into the vagina and the eyes.

Suspects later freed the victim but threatened to kill her if she reported the matter to the police.

They also asked her to collect the ransom of GH¢1,000 for them or they would post the pictures on the social media networks.

Victim, after the act, fell sick and was admitted at a private hospital for a number of days.

Not hearing from the victim, the suspects, who still had in their possession the mobile phone of the victim, began circulating the sex video to her contacts.

After an official complaint was lodged with the Hongkong police, the suspects were arrested.

They would be sent to court for prosecution.




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